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PLOT: Sinclair falls for a mysterious woman who leads him down a seductive path via temptation and subsequent affiliation with a supernatural entity.


Behind The Story

2018 July, Ruwanga Samath requested Akash Sunethkumara to shoot a music video for his track with Sinclair. The key requirement? Include a fight scene in it.

The entire concept was conceived in a night, the preproduction and choreography done the next day and the entire shoot was done in two days, guerilla style in downtown Los Angeles! The production crew were thrown out of the parking lot where the fight scene begins and had to continue the rest of the shoot in an underground car park, hence the creative transition between locations. 

Post-production on the music video was completed entirely in Sri Lanka with the High School Junkies taking over. The music video was subsequently released on the 28th of September.

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