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PLOT: Would you ever share the last piece of cake? 


Behind The Story

Most of our productions take a long time, most of which is invested in the preproduction and post-production stages. So we decided to go out one night and shoot a skit with virtually no prep at all. Romane and Akash finished choreographing the entire fight scene on the morning of the shoot and we shot the entire thing handheld.

The only thing we did differently during production was having two cameras rolling in order to speed up the process and capture different angles of the same take. Nerun Kalpajith of JEETH helped us out with this task.

Going in without prep was us stepping out of our comfort zone and trying something different. There was quite a lot of improv - mostly in the cinematography side due to limitations related to space at the location. Being creative is about finding solutions to problems and how best to implement them. Therefore Cake කෑල්ල was quite instrumental in shifting certain perspectives before and after its releasing.

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