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PLOT: A girl with total recall of her sensory memory is manipulated into locating another Eidetic in order to save her terminally ill mother until she discovers that the man she hunts has a far deeper connection to her.

Behind the Story


EIDETIC was a concept born around the year 2014 based on an article that we read on Quora. The initial draft was written and left abandoned for two years before Akash decided to base his Masters thesis project around the idea of a girl with perfect memory. The screenplay went through many iterations and the shoot was postponed continuously due to scheduling conflicts. Finally, working around hectic college and work schedules, the film was shot in 11 days, 6 hours a day for a measly budget of 300 USD. 

The film went onto surpass our expectations with the subsequent nominations and wins at various festivals around the world and became the first Sri Lankan film to be screened at San Diego Comic Con.


To date, we still get asked "Are you guys planning on a second part?" or more commonly "When is the feature coming?". We'd love to say pretty soon, in fact EIDETIC was developed with a feature film storyline in mind - hence the amount of story packed into the short itself (which might have been a mistake!). Still, we have an outline for the feature and it's in the development stage. Hopefully we'll see more of Tasha and Shane sooner rather than later.

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