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 The music video for වංක රටා - the ending title track from The Knight Out


Behind The Story

Once Ravi Jay came on board to provide vocals for the ending title track produced by Shenick in The Knight Out, we knew we had to come up with a music video for it. The coronavirus pandemic prevented us from shooting the video for quite some time but once we found a window, we shot the entire thing in one night. We wanted to integrate the same look and feel of The Knight Out into this, so we lit the set in a similar way and reconstructed the 16x16 foot chessboard. Additionally, we infused clips from The Knight Out into the edit as well - however, we wanted to add seamless transitions from the music video to The Knight Out scenes and back again. For this, we looked at the already-shot footage from our short musical and planned the necessary shots in advance.


Moreover, for the initial King-to-performer transitions, we once again employed the expertise of Ashan Amarasinghe who tracked the camera movements from the footage and created the chess piece scenes with the same movements programmed into a virtual camera.  This helped us combine the transitions as smoothly as possible. 

Following a month and a half of post-production, the music video was released on Ravi Jay's channel on the 20th of November 2020.

Here's Andrew Sean's take on what went on behind-the-scenes:

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