PLOT: Following the events of The Summoning, everyone mourns Shenic's death. His friend Kasun walks down a lonely road at night and encounters something terrifying on social media.


Behind The Story

We realized it had been more than a year since we shot The Summoning and decided to quickly cook something up. Kasun had pitched the real-life incident that would go on to inspire this little short. No dialogue, simply tension and suspense, the story for The Friend materialized in a few hours and not long after, Akash decided that it could be connected to The Summoning, in a spin-off type manner. 

And so the decision was made the following day to shoot during in the upcoming weekend and the rest is history. 

Speaking of history, the film became the only Sri Lankan short to be published on Crypt TV's YouTube channel. Crypt TV was started by Eli Roth (The Hostel, Knock Knock) and funded by Jason Blum (Get Out, Insidious). You can check the same video on their channel below.

Behind The Scenes

Check out the making of this ultra-short horror movie from the VFX breakdown to an interview with the cast and crew!

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