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Two guns for hire go on a date, each unaware of the others' profession. When both of them learn the truth about each other and unexpectedly receive their next job, havoc ensues.


Behind the Story

Star_Crossed was the very first Junkie project. August 2015 - with hardly any knowledge of project management or filmmaking for that matter, we embarked on this endeavor in order to complete Akash with one of his Masters modules.

The screenplay was somewhat derivative but fun to produce, the cast and crew were entirely assembled from the people who met back in high school. The project was highly minimalistic and was shot at the Grand, Wennapuwa pulling in all the favors we could muster. Once it was done, the production team required a name and the term High School Junkies was born. How? We still don't really remember.

The film was never released publicly. Only a selected handful have seen it - perhaps friends of friends once the link was shared. People who saw it say they liked it. We still haven't mustered up the courage to pull it out of our vault.

Maybe someday we will ;)

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