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PLOT: When a beautiful woman enters the cafe, two men decide to battle it out on a chessboard to decide who gets to approach her. The Knight Out is Sri Lanka's first musically driven action short-film.


Behind The Story

In April 2019, we wanted to go back to our roots and do another action sequence. The initial concept was to choreograph the action to a music track. Thereafter, the ideas kept piling up until this became the biggest project (scope-wise) that we have ever executed. 

Pre-production on The Knight Out took four months and we shot the entire thing over a three night period with an expanded team.

Since this is unlike any other project that we've done before (or Sri Lanka for that matter!), we've decided to coin the term "action-musical" in order to categorize this genre. Handling the soundscape of the film is iClown aka Sasith Gamage. Adding even more spice to the film, Shenick created a flip of iClown's track with Ravi Jay providing the vocals. 

Industry Praise for The Knight Out


Behind The Scenes

And here's Andrew Sean's take on what went into making The Knight Out!

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