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Lanka Comic Con 2018

The High School Junkies revealed the trailer for their latest short horror film "The Summoning" at Lanka Comic Con.

High School Junkies Lanka Comic Con 2018 Akahs Sk Kasun Rathnasiri Shenic Tissera Anisha Barakathulla
The Independent Cinema Panel at Lanka Comic Con 2018

The Independent Cinema panel presented by Lanka Comic Con was held on the 26th August 2018 at Trace Expert City where the High School Junkies spoke about their latest project, The Summoning.

The film was conceived as a skit for Halloween 2017 but soon snowballed into a bigger short film which took a good 9 months to complete. Akash Sk revealed that the film had been screened to a few producers in LA who were interested in working with them in the future and also that Ruwanga Samath had a track in the final film.

Akash Sk had also been working with Ray Martenstyn on a secret project titled ALKALINE and the duo spilled a few exciting details such as securing Iko Uwais of The Raid as an executive producer.

The entire panel can be viewed below.

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