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Colombo Comic Expo 2018

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

The High School Junkies were at the Colombo Comic Expo where they elaborated details on their recent releases and future projects.

High School Junkies at the Colombo Comic Expo 2018
High School Junkies at CCE 2018

The High School Junkies, Akash, Shenic and Stefi were on panel at the Colombo Comic Expo on the 7th December 2018. The team spoke about their recent release, The Summoning and its reception after it went online this Halloween and also spilled their plans for more content in the future.

The surprise news dropped that not only were the team planning on moving into music videos (like they had done with Rise Up earlier this year) but that two full length feature films were being written. Rise Up was also screened for the first time at an expo in Sri Lanka since its release in September.

The panel ended with the news that Ruwanga Samath would be coming down to Sri Lanka and that the Junkies will be collaborating with his team SmoothBLAQ again, but this time for serious film content.

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